• After recompiling an app, the sound got distorted. No changes in the code. All sound files are .ogg

    Point is: When I run the app on a newer Macbook Pro, it plays normally,
    but on an older Mac Mini (which ran the app before, too), the sounds and music all play distorted.

    Do I have to update something to make this work again?

  • Could you specify OS versions, XCode versions and devices in more detail?
    Did you build and run on both machines separately or did you build on the new machine and then run the same app on both machines?
    I never ran into that issue, thanks for posting it.
    Could you provide example code to make it easier for us to reproduce?

  • I compiled on Mac OS 12.0.1 with Xcode 13.1 (13A1030D) in Release mode.
    When it started, the sound was distorted.
    After exiting the app and starting it again (from the build folder), sound was ok.

    Then I transfer the complete build folder to a Mac Mini running on Mac OS 10.10.5,
    the sound is distorted, sounds like the .ogg decoder changed or is broken.

    Do I have to update something on the older Mac?
    Or can I use a different sound format?

  • Mac Minis always had a special audio situation than alll the other Macs. Lot's of complains from Minis even in stores. Minis just have different hardware and drivers are sometimes neglected, even the bootsound can be distorted in some cases.

    Lately I think it is Apple messing around "improving" Core audio, and poor mini Mac gets no attention.

    I saw MacOS 10.9 so maybe you wanna try this
    [URL unfurl="true"]https://www.howtogeek.com/670635/how-to-…sound-problems/[/URL]

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  • To make it clear again:
    Audio on this Mac in general is working fine.
    Audio with the older compiled version of my game is also working fine.
    Only in the newly compiled version, compiled on a newer Mac, sound is distorted on this older Mac mini.

  • To be clear, sorry if I missunderstood your scenario. You did not update macOS, or any driver? but ssuddenly your Cerberus-X binaries from that particualr MacMini distorts sound?

    I'm wondering are old Cerberus-X working fine on it?
    What about compilinig on the Macmini and running on other Macs?

  • Then I transfer the complete build folder to a Mac Mini running on Mac OS 10.10.5,

    As the minimum in xcode says 10.9 and Apple are known to be full of BS. You can safely say that building on a more recent version of xcode and macOS and trying to run such a build on a version of macOS that Apple no longer supports it will not work very well.

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