How to let the app active all the time

  • When my window desktop app loses focus, both rendering and updating come to a halt. This also happen in the HTML build and likely other builds as well.

    While this behavior may be acceptable on mobile platforms where typically only one task is displayed at a time, it becomes inconvenient on desktop. Specifically, I want my app, which functions as a clock, to continue rendering even when I'm focused on another application.

    Any suggestions on how to address this would be greatly appreciated!

    PC with Windows 11

  • Add the preprocessor directive/variable to the code.

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  • They are under the App Config Settings. These are the predefined target specific preprocessor variables.

    @Phil7: The Programming Language Reference documentation should really be updated to include a link to the App Config Settings documentation in the Preprocessor section.
    Some thing like:
    Target Specific Directives
    Cerberus also has built in target specific directives to control the build configuration and output for each of the supported target.
    See App Config Settings.

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