This could be the end of OSX as a game platform

  • [QUOTE="MikeHart, post: 3499, member: 3"]So you suggest throwing glfw out the door?[/QUOTE]I would give it a wait and see approach with the announcement being fresh. GLFW 3.3 supports Vulkan and there is MoltenGL and MoltenVK that's basically a wrapper for Vulkan/OpenGL to metal (There could be issues with licencing and costs using these). There are a few forks for SDL on the Metal front, but so far I haven't seen anything official.

    Frankly I would say throw the whole of Apple out with it's expensive hardware and their support for it that they can drop anytime they like. Coupled with their endless obsession with niche languages, niche compilers, forever changing API's that force developers to do unnecessary updates and basically locking down their system; all of it I'm sure is just a ploy to screw more money out of die hard Apple fans. It's just getting a bit beyond a joke when you think of it with the rest of the industry following accepted standards with language, compilers and API's. If it wasn't for the iPhone, Apple would have either gone under long ago, or specialised supplying custom hardware for commercial and industrial applications. And it's exactly because of the iPhone that they can get away with what they are doing.

  • If it would be about myself, i would only support win, linux and html. But we know that there would be big disappointment if android, ios and osx would be dropped.

  • The android target is quite the reason why I use CX ;)

    In my opinion this shows how arrogant this company is. They forget that OGL support brought them applications that wouldn't be available on OSX if it wasn't for the relatively simple cross-platform development. Every step away from that simplicity makes devs think twice (or more) about supporting multiple systems. Apple thinks, people (and developers) who came from pc to mac would stay at mac once they cut "the chains between their system and the others". But I think (heck, I even hope so), firms that have just recently started to support OSX and are still building up their mac user base won't be able to afford continuing mac support, maybe even leading to users switch from mac to pc so they can go on with the software they've been teased with. :rolleyes:

    Oh and I bet "metal has less overhead and is therefore faster" is *not* what lead to that decision. Because: the pros (faster) would mainly affect the user experience, while the cons (devs have to forget about their ogl-experience and build up metal knowledge, which costs) would mainly affect developers. That's not the marketing strategy Apple follows. Call me conspiracy theorist, but I bet they'll use the free processor capacity to be able to run more tracking software, metal updates will be sold separately and metal tutorials will cost a fortune.

  • I don't buy into that conspiracy thing but there seems to be plan to unify all apple platforms into one. For that it is the best to control the dev tools, to control the hardware, etc. I think some kind of OS based on iOS will be the future for them. The are already desktop apps running on iOS (Clip Studio Paint) which are a 99% port from the desktop. Only the file exchange is different.

  • [QUOTE="Holzchopf, post: 3507, member: 49"]metal has less overhead and is therefore faster[/QUOTE]According to one article I have read there is very little difference between the performance of Vulkan and Metal. According to that article Apple have made Metal a lot less complicated to use than pure Vulkan.

    [QUOTE="MikeHart, post: 3504, member: 3"]i would only support win, linux and html.[/QUOTE]I would keep Android. But I did read in the news that Samsung (and other phone manufactures) have basically been given the green light by the courts to screw over owners of older devices in regards to updates.


  • [QUOTE="dawlane, post: 3513, member: 12"]But I did read in the news that Samsung (and other phone manufactures) have basically been given the green light by the courts to screw over owners of older devices in regards to updates.[/QUOTE]
    LOL, where are the Android fanboys now that bashed Apple of behaving like this in a similar fashion.

  • [QUOTE="MikeHart, post: 3515, member: 3"]LOL, where are the Android fanboys now that bashed Apple of behaving like this in a similar fashion.[/QUOTE]I don't think that they have heard the news yet.
    I don't use these smart phones for anything other than development. People don't realise that they are just mini hand held PC's that have the same flaws as there bigger counterparts. Just image the number of users who use these devices without any security software installed.
    No I will stick to my basic non smart phone that must be 7-8 years old and still does the job. Texting may be a bit of a pain, but at least I know that someone wont be trying to hack my phone to get access to any bank details.

  • Not so many updates would be a dream of a tool developer.

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  • [QUOTE="Gerry Quinn, post: 3523, member: 21"]But probably lots of folks are just as happy NOT to get updates[/QUOTE]The only update I like are security and bug fixes. I hate it when I'm forced to except 'update' features whether I want them or not.

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